Key figures

The new treatment facility has the capacity to incinerate approximately 180,000 tonnes of wood waste per year. Primarily construction and demolition waste, but also wood waste from container parks and the industry. The treatment of the wood waste takes place in a fluidized bed incinerator-type facility. 

E-Wood is a cogeneration system (also known as a combined heat and power - CHP system), which means the facility produces both heat and electricity. The power station has a thermal capacity (energy capacity) of 80 megawatts whereby 20 megawatts are converted into electricity via a turbine, and heat can be supplied to ECLUSE’s existing industrial steam network in the Antwerp port area. 

Energy hub

The E-Wood power station will be located on the Indaver site in Doel. In a joint venture, SLECO, Indaver and Veolia are already running three fluidized bed incinerators and turbines on this site for the sustainable and safe treatment of non-hazardous waste and sludge. in the same way as E-Wood, the incineration heat is recovered in the form of electricity and steam. 

The new power plant is strengthening this partnership and will make even better use of the Doel site’s existing infrastructure. E-Wood is being built next to the fluidized bed facilities so the processes can be integrated efficiently. Furthermore, the plant will guarantee further anchoring in, and the economic development of the Waasland Port. With the arrival of E-Wood, Doel is becoming a vital hub for energy recovery.

Expansion of Energy Production

 E-Wood will expand the energy production on the Indaver site in Doel considerably.  

In Doel, SLECO (a joint venture between Veolia and Indaver) operates 3 fluidized bed incinerators which incinerate 600,000 tonnes of industrial waste and sludge per year. 

In addition, Indaver in Doel operates 3 grate incinerators which process 400,000 tonnes of non-hazardous household waste and similar commercial waste annually.  

Together with E-Wood, the 7 facilities will process 1.2 million tonnes of waste each year and the heat that is released during their thermal processes will be converted to electricity and steam. The site in Doel has a capacity of 106 megawatts of electricity and 404 megawatts of high-pressure steam. The electricity is supplied to the high-voltage network, and the residual steam is supplied directly to the ECLUSE network for use by the businesses in the Waasland Port for their chemical processes.

Stable supply of green energy 

E-Wood’s green energy is not reliant on weather conditions. The power plant produces electricity day and night for a stable supply of green energy to the grid.