The E-Wood power plant converts 20 megawatts into electricity via a turbine. The residual steam can be supplied to Ecluse’s industrial steam network, thus strengthening the green energy cluster on the Port of Antwerp’s left bank.   

On 15 March 2019, the steam network ECLUSE was officially declared operational. ECLUSE supplies steam, which is generated by burning waste in Indaver and SLECO’s facilities, to five chemical companies. These five companies no longer need to use natural gas to make steam for their production processes. This means a reduction of as much as 100,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. 

This green energy provision currently represents at least 5% of all of the green heat produced in Flanders. ECLUSE is therefore making a significant contribution to achieving the Flemish climate targets. The steam network has been built for the future. It has double the capacity of the current demand for steam.